Heritage Media is situated on the NSW Central Coast. Located just 90 minutes from Sydney and Newcastle. The Coast is home to over 40 beaches, 10 National Parks and State Forests. We have some of the most breathtaking coastal walks rated among the best in Australia along with protected marine parks. With over 87 km of coastline and an abundance of waterways, the NSW Central Coast truly is an incredible part of the word.

At Heritage Media, we produce content with a purpose specifically for our local region and community. We provide insight into our people, our families, our neighbourhoods and the businesses in our area. It’s all about the interesting and amazing locals that we can learn from, laugh with and relate to. Listen to Our Heritage or Proud To Be A Coastie podcasts.

This is communicated through the written blogs, podcasts and video content we create for our local market. We not only promote businesses, people and community groups on the Central Coast but also directly contribute to these organisations through financial donations and PR.

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Ciarin Christie

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